Yoritomo's Alliance

Yoritomo’s Alliance was formed at the onset of the Clan War by Yoritomo, daimyo of the Mantis Clan. Yoritomo realized the time to make a name for his clan had arrived. Seeing that many of the minor clans were being caught in the middle of battles they had no hope of winning, he banded together with the Fox Clan, the Wasp Clan, 1 and the Centipede Clan. Alone, none of the minor clans could hope to stand against any of the Great Clans, but united they were a force to be reckoned with.

During the Clan Wars, Yoritomo used the alliance to forge the Mantis into a Great Clan, absorbing most of those who had allied with him, chiefly the Wasp and Centipede. Since the Broken Day of Thunder, the Alliance has taken in all who could get to the shore lines. Many of the Minor Clans fled with the exception of the Fox who refused to leave their woods. Peasants and Eta were saved by the alliance as well as Samurai.

  • The Alliance has been working closely with Toturi’s Army these last many years, and over came sabotage attempts that tried to drive a wedge between the two armies. Since that time, the Alliance seems to be getting to a point where it may soon merge with Toturi’s Army, as they tend to follow the direction of the general Toturi, with Yoritomo leading the vanguard.


  • The Current Military Structure of Navy of Yoritomo’s Alliance – 8.3k Mantis, 2k Minor Clans = 10.3k Samurai

The Mantis Navy is vastly made up of the Yoritomo, which make up nearly 60% of the fleet. The Tsuruchi are the second largest family, and are the best archers in the Empire. The Moshi were never a large family, but they seem to have a great affinity for the Sea of Lady Sun. The Minor Clans are not all warriors, but they too are well represented within the fleet, with those who cannot fight well offering their services as they are needed.

Yoritomo’s Alliance:

Rikugunshokan: Yoritomo

Shireikan: Tsuruchi

Taisa: Yoritomo AramasuFirst Storm, dedicated to the safety and security of the Islands.

Taisa: Yoritomo WakizaSecond Storm, dedicated to patrolling the sea between the mainland.

Taisa: Yoritomo KitaoThird Storm, dedicated to protecting the Mantis Navy and anti-piracy hunters.

Taisa: Tsuruchi Mukami – Fourth Storm, dedicated to massive troop transportation.

Taisa: Toritaka Genzo – Tsunami Legion, dedicated to land invasions.

Yoritomo's Alliance

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