Tiger's Maw Unit

The Tiger’s Maw Unit is under the command of Chui Matsu Nobu. The Unit is seen as a very utilitarian grouping of soldiers. Where as most units and legions are comprised of almost strictly one type of trained bushi (Light Infantry, Calvary, siege engineers, etc), the Tiger’s Maw is designed to function as a smaller army all of its own. Oftentimes reinforcing larger units to fill in gaps with obstacles from the opposition and the like. As such, its build is very diverse. Despite the fact that the Tiger’s Maw Unit is much smaller then the legion is serves, it is a very celebrated Unit, as the Elite Group that surrounds Nobu are all celebrated war heroes.

The Tiger’s Maw Unit is 1000 samurai strong.

Archer Unit: The archer unit remains behind the front lines and is well guarded. The unit is well stocked with a variety of arrows (including jade arrows in the plenty), and fine bows for the 50 unit squad. The commander is an old Wasp who came out of retirement for the war, named Gunso Tsiruchi Hanzai.

Ashigaru Spearman: The meat of the army, and on the front lines is the ashigaru. This 200 person unit is well disciplined, well trained, and despite their very grim prospects are in good spirits and often lead any of the other units in morale. The commander is a youthful and Benten Blessed samuraiko name Gunso Shiba Aishimasu.

Cavalry: The swiftest unit on the battle field, and often used to crush or flank the enemy in crucial moments, is the 40 well trained horsed riders. The commander is a fierce grim faced woman named Gunso Otaku Masayoshi.

Light Infantry: The largest unit in the army, is 300 bushi strong. They wear tiger mons on their shoulders and have a very fierce war cry they call the tigers roar. The commander of Light Infantry is Gunso Matsu Eiko who is a humorless jerk.

Corpsmen: The healers of both magical and trained skill have gathered under this office. Trained to set bones, administer opium, and deal with the dying and dead. This unit is 150 strong and has a number of monks, shugenja, samurai courtiers who can lend what support they can, and eta. The officer is Gunso Reisho, a nun of the Brotherhood, who’s face was terribly ruined by the fires of Junzo’s Army.

Scouting Unit: The scouts range ahead, to the side and the rear of the column as it moves. 100 well trained scouts move in smaller units, trained to go a horse or on foot. The head of this unit is a sour woman named Gunso Hiruma Senbo.

Signal Corps: The Signal Corps is the eyes and brains of the army, dirrecting it where to move, which unit to direct, and is a very small unit of 15 well trained bushi. The officer of this unit is Gunso Matsu Hitsuyo, a boastful and prideful man.

Supply Train: Is composed of mainly peasants who were not combat worthy, and some light bushi who are barely combat worthy, in this case 100 aids. The Head of the the unit is Gunso Bayushi Kyoi a threatening poet of little skill.

Heavy Infantry: The Unit is 30 strong and is commanded by the heavy set Tattooed man Gunso Togashi Kuishinbo.

Elite: The elite units are normally composed of specialty squadrons, such as Otaku Battle Maidens, or a platoon of Bitter Lies Swordsmen. The Tiger Maw’s Elite Unit is composed of a mixed group of war heroes, who are as varied as they are renowned. Chui Matsu Nobu traditionally leads this unit.

Command Staff: Although the position means that one would only be technically in charge of the command unit commanders, the position dictates that they are second in command of the Tiger’s Maw Unit should the commander be indisposed or away. If Nobu likes to lead from the front, he will remain in the rear so that should one side of the Unit be assualted order is maintained. The Head of the Command Staff is a quite, well dressed man named Gunso Shiba Kenshin.


Tiger’s Maw Unit

Archers (1 point): Samurai archers can shower the battlefield with a rain of death. Each archer unit adds +1 to the general’s Battle Skill roll in Step 3 of Army Battle, to a maximum of +5.

Ashigaru Spearmen 4 (1 point for 2 units): Ashigaru spearmen form the mainstay of any Rokugani army, for well-trained ashigaru warriors are both useful and plentiful.

Light Infantry 6 (1 point): These warriors make up the bulk of the samurai units available to any Rokugani army.

Cavalry (2 points): Cavalry provide much-needed mobility to a standing army.

Heavy Infantry (2 points): Heavily armored warriors can withstand punishment far beyond what others can sustain.

Command Staff (3 points): You may reroll your Battle (Mass Combat) / Perception roll during Stage 3. You must accept the second roll.

Corpsmen 3 (1—3 points): A well-staffed unit of samurai trained in medicine and healing spells can help an army function long after it has been ground down by the brutality of war. Each level of this Feature counts as 1 Defense when counting casualties. These units are not lost from casualties.

Signal Corps (1 point): The Signal Corps makes sure the army is able to fully understand and execute the general’s orders. Gain a +3 bonus to your Battle (Mass Combat) /Perception roll during Step Three of Army Battle.

Scouts 5 (1-5 points): Reduce terrain bonuses your opponent might gain for advantageous terrain, by one per Duty Point.

Supply Train (1 point): An army cannot march on an empty stomach. A collection of wagons, horses, weapons, and extra materials follows the army to make sure it has everything it requires. A supply train negates the basic penalty for being short of supply, although more serious situations may still apply a partial penalty. This Feature may be purchased multiple times.


Tiger's Maw Unit

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