The Unicorn Clan

Once known as the Ki-Rin Clan, the Unicorn Clan departed Rokugan shortly after the first Day of Thunder. The Kami Shinjo, founder of the clan, hoped to avert other threats to Rokugan by discovering them first. They roamed the world for eight centuries before returning to Rokugan.

After the Broken Day of Thunder and the Battle of Burning Skies, the Unicorn left into the deserts once more. There they linked with the desert Moto and become one. Led by the desert Moto for a long period, the Clan built and trained as one. The Lords of Death became a prominent religion once more, given the fact that the Heavens closed upon the people of Rokugan. They have since reestablished loose communication with Toturi’s Army and have since begun working with their allies once more.


  • The Summit of Resistance gave the Unicorn much clout in the Burning Sands, since their reputation was seen as raiders and thieves. However, their popularity drew the full ire of the Emperor, and The Harbinger, Otaku Kimoko found the Unicorn Clan and attacked with the near full furry of the of the Dark Moto. The battle was intense, however the forces of the Dark Emperor did not realize that the Unicorn had been flourishing in the deserts, and the Unicorn Clan nearly routed the Dark Moto and the Harbinger. The Dark Moto loss nearly half of their forces before retreating into a desert storm. The Unicorn were victorious, but they lost many good warriors, Moto Gaheris and his son Moto Gaheris were slain by the Harbinger and Moto Tsume respectfully. During the battle, the wife of the youngest Moto Gaheris, the once Horiuchi Shoan gave birth to the Unicorn heir. He came into the world with no squalling and covered in blood. The Unicorn say this is a powerful sign and his mother once more rules the Unicorn until the child can prove himself worthy of the mantle.

The Unicorn, have continued on to the point of their assault, but their are bloodied and needing to recover still.


  • The Current Military Structure of the Unicorn Clan – 10k Unicorn

Composed almost entirely of the Unicorn Clan itself, with a smattering of foreign allies from the Burning Sands. The vast majority of the armies were of the desert dwelling Moto. Their harsh and almost alien ways had returned them almost to the point where the Kirin Clan had found them so long ago. Honed and sharpened, their ways have become Rokugani once more, but their alien tactics have already won them victory over the Dark Moto. The Shinjo are the second largest family, although their numbers suffered greatly in the cataclysm of the Battle of Burning Skies, 12 years of recovery have allowed their numbers to swell once more, and now are the army’s best scouts. The Iuchi followed the clan on its exodus, and their magics and training have allowed the Clan to remain independent and in contact with their allies while being abroad. The Ide are not idol either, they work tirelessly to forge alliances with those in the Burning Sands, however their numbers are low, as most must abandon their courtly ways in favor of wielding a katana. However, the small family wields vast power, and have been given the smallest portion of the army, the Hati which is often separate of the four other parts of the Unicorn, as their numbers are bent on forging alliances and aiding their allies.

The Unicorn Clan Army:

Rikugunshokan: Moto Shoan, The Khan.

Shireikan: Shinjo Hanari

Taisa: Moto Soro – The Army of the East, the Junghar, defense.

Taisa: Moto Vordu – The Army of the West, the Baraunghar, speed.

Taisa: Moto Yesugai – The Army of the Center, the Khol, power.

Taisa: Shinjo Shono – The Army of the South, the Pengakap, scouting.

Taisa: Ide Ashijun – The Army of the North, the Hati, diplomacy.

The Unicorn Clan

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