The Spider Clan

The Spider Clan was born in the fires of revenge and redemption. When Hantie the 39th mandated the death of Hantie Daigotsu’s lover, Daigotsu shed his name and declared war. He gathered those who made the mistake of following the Emperor and found redemption in the darkness.


The Black Scroll: The Spider mostly have tainted members, but there is a movement of many soldiers who are giving up their taint and finding redemption. A few of these purges were done in mass, but a few have volunteered to undergo this purge while surrounded by foes, who are dazed by the loss of their ties, and suddenly find the spider falling upon them in a wave of devastation.

  • Since the Summit of Resistance, the Spider abandoned their caves in the North and have gone south to stand with the Unbroken Crab. The have insinuated themselves into the the peasantry, acting as their champions, and primarily help keep the Sparrow lands (which are often over looked anyhow), free of the eyes of the Empire. They have been assisting in the war efforts, and the Unbroken Crab have seen gains as of late due to the Spider. Currently the Yasuki lands have been held for over a year and a half with the Legion of Jigoku unable to take any ground, and 12 minor oni and an oni Lord have been slain and their skulls taken, purified and then hidden.

The Spider also have steel and training, as they work to help undo the Yobanjin’s plight.

  • A year after the Summit, and just after Hida Yakamo went into the Dragon Lands, Daigotsu Kyoden fell to his knees weeping. He then had a spasm, and then rose up and tried to kill Daigotsu. It took 12 Spider lives to kill him.


  • The Current Military Structure of the Spider Clan Army – 2k Spider

Made up of former Lion, Crab and Scorpion, and a number of others who were corrupted before the taint was a gift, and those who came after. The Spider value strength and victory at all costs. Although there is a divide amongst their numbers internally, outwardly the Clan is forged of a single purpose… vengeance. To that end, most have either given up their former family name and taken the name of their Lord instead These members form the back bone of the army. The Monks of the Brotherhood who chose to abandon their orders formed the Order of Venom, and discipline themselves through intense feats of pain and strength. They are the second largest part of the army. A goblin leader, named Rojo approached the Spider, finding a place within the Clan. The Goblins value honor and quickly adapted to the new philosophy the Spider profess. Omoni has enhanced many of them, as well. The blood speakers that Daigotsu saved form the execution order from the Emperor fill out the last part of the former Elemental Master’s army. They practice dark arts as they use fire against fire in a bit to topple the Obsidian Throne.

Spider Clan Army:

Rikugunshokan: Daigotsu

Shireikan: Daigotsu Omoni

Taisa: Daigotsu Hidetsugu – Dark Wind, cavalry.

Taisa: Daigotsu HisatoBlack Guard, vanguard of the Spider.

Taisa: Kishida – Order of Venom, monk order.

Taisa: Rojo – Hellbeast Legion, goblin army.

(This is a secret to all but Spider Clan) Taisa: Chuda Chunigo – Hidden Web, Maho-tsukai unit, trained to subvert the will of lesser Oni, preform dark rites to ensure vengeance and to do what must be done.

The Spider Clan

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