The Shogun's Army

Born from the ashes of Toturi’s Army, Yoritomo’s Alliance and the Ivory Kingdoms, the Shogun’s Army was forged from old nearly forgotten records. Kaneka wished his forces and the Empire to know, they are not rebels, they are not exiled lords questing for a time gone by, they are instead Shogunate, which was written into Imperial Law near the Dawn of the Empire. When the young man made this proclamation, the forces of the Shogunate named Kaneka Shogun.

Shogun’s Army:

Rikugunshokan: Kaneka

Shireikan: Matsu Yofun

Taisa: Akodo UmouCourage, the vanguard, the tip of the spear, the glorious forces of the army.
Chui: Matsu Nobu Tiger’s Maw, utilitarian and versatile.
Chui: Akodo Hasame – The Righteous Roar, the Akodo’s tactical minds break their foes.
Chui: Heichi Ada – Never the Last, the Boar Clan lives again!
Chui: Toku Bokatu – The Grasping Paws, often overwhelmed, but never defeated.
Chui: Kitsu Huiyuan – Wrath of the Ancestors, may the ancestors guide my clumsy hands.

Taisa: AkashaResolute, this unit is the largest in the army, making up the bulk of the infantry forces.

Taisa: Bayushi TangenPincer and Tail, this unit is not nearly so large are the other units, but is used to fill in the gaps where necessary and holds many odds and ends of the army, allowing them to assume the role that is needed at that exact moment.

Taisa: Otaku HayaiThe Thundering Hooves, this famed unit has been strong since the Broken Day of Thunder. This is the cavalry might of the army.

Taisa: Hida Unari – The Wall, this unit excels at holding key positions, siege weapon construction and stockade building.

Taisa: Diadoji Uji – _Unyielding, this force is dedicated to saboteurs, scouts, and bogging down and harriering forces. _

Taisa: Yoritomo AramasuFirst Storm, the right hand of the navel forces, it is the vanguard.

Taisa: Yoritomo WakizaSecond Storm, smaller scouting vessels that boast to be the fastest upon the water, and are navel intelligence.

Taisa: Yoritomo KitaoThird Storm, navel defense, they make sure that should other vessels come into conflict with the navel forces, they are dealt with swiftly.

Taisa: Toritaka Genzo – Tsunami Legion, dedicated to land invasions.

Taisa: Rama SinghThe Ivory Legion, the rank and file and finest of House Singh. Their shield wielding warriors, their lance using cavalry, and their alien Elephant Riders.

The Shogun's Army

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