The Scorpion Clan

The clan and its members are widely considered to be villainous and untrustworthy by the rest of Rokugan, though they merely attempt to fulfill the duty given to their family by the First Emperor on the day of his ascension.

The Scorpion Clan has had a hard existence from the Scorpion Clan Coup. Their members went into hiding, exile or were slain. Their power built during that time, but when many of their members began to succumb to the desire for revenge, a number of them followed Yogo Junzo into darkness. The remaining Scorpion then appeared on the Broken Day of Thunder and helped to find redemption.

When the fated day failed, the Clan split into three. Some accepted their fates as villains, and that if this world was fated to be a cruel place, they would be its masters. They joined the Dark Emperor gladly, bolstering Junzo’s numbers. The other two had not given up, and still sought redemption. Half stayed with Toturi’s army, lending him their strength and dedication. The other part went to the Emperor, in deception to sabotage them from within.

Those who went to Junzo gained strength in time, and the Emperor’s Court is rules by the Scorpion Clan. Those who stayed with Toturi are nearly spent and have spent much time rebuilding their numbers after the death of Bayushi Hisa. Those who went into the enemy to sabotage were effective, but as time went on, fewer and fewer seem to remain. If any still exist, they must be buried deep and being guided by a subtle hand.


  • Since the Summit of Resistance, the Scorpion Clan has been repairing their numbers, and most of the Clans are now closely allied with them. Many of their heroes have been married off, and new ranks of loyal paragons are rising. The Clan is in a period of rebirth, and under the leadership of Bayushi Goshiu few problems have arisen. He is only holding the leadership until a new leader amongst the Scorpion arises.

The Scorpion Clan

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