The Phoenix Clan

The Phoenix Clan is known throughout Rokugan for their skilled shugenja and mastery of elemental magic. The Phoenix are also noted pacifists, preferring diplomacy to war if at all possible. The Phoenix presence in the courts of the land is not great as their courtiers are relatively few, although they are not isolationists like the Dragon Clan. The Phoenix Clan was founded by the Kami Shiba, while the family of his vassal Isawa, generally ran the affairs of the clan.

Since Clan wars, the Clan was reduced to ash. The few who survived, joined either Toturi’s Army or Isawa Tsuke with his new Emperor.


  • Since the Summit of Resistance the Phoenix have learned that a number of their surviving priests and youth hid deep in the Yobanjin lands, along with Isawa Tadaka and the Clan Champion. The lands are too distant to press through, so they must be fought to. Many feel this is a great omen, others believe it is too good to be true and must be a trap. In any case, the Phoenix are in the process of establishing New Elemental Masters, an action that has been stymied by the fact that many of the Shugjena are not Phoenix. The Clan is dysfunctional dealing with this issue, as Isawa Kaede, seems to not wish to get involved or cannot due to her Oracle Status.

The Phoenix Clan

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