The Obsidian Throne

The ruler of the Empire is the Hantei the 39th, Fu Leng, God, Emperor of the Jade Throne, protector of Rokugan the Obsidian Empire, and Dark Lord of Jigoku.

His Empire is vast, consisting of the corrupted, the dead, the damned and the normal populace. The Taint is a reward now, and is just as twisted as before. The Demons of hell serve him, and he has two great Legions that talk the land. The Legion of Jigoku who is made of demons who stalk the South and the Obsidian Legion who rules to the North. His rule has been becoming stronger and seems absolute.

  • Since the Summit of Resistance, the Obsidian Empire has become silent. No merchant vessels are seen leaving the Empire, and only a few patrol boats have been encountered. Its boarders seem sealed, save for envoys to the Burning Sands. Even the Ivory Kingdom says trade has been slowed, and statements of saying that the boarders are closed to all has cause some concern. The Unicorn assault by the Dark Moto was the largest activity the Empire has taken since the Summit, and the attack was less then successful. The last Imperial word came from a merchant who said that the Capital was celebrating the death of Traitor Hida Yakamo, who was last seen going into the dark Mountains of the Dragon.


The Obsidian Throne

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