The Naga

The naga were an ancient race of serpent-folk that existed before the rise of Man and the fall of the Kami. They were the oldest of the civilizations, spanning the far west of the modern Rokugan. Before the fall of the Kami, the naga entered an enchanted slumber in an attempt to preserve their dying race.

They appeared once more in the Clan Wars and their assistance and valor have helped often to turn the tide. The Golden Pearl being one such great their their race has done. Their numbers are few now, but it seems from what you understand one last city of their remains, and it is hidden. But only 30 such Naga exist now.


  • The Naga have been working since the Summit of Resistance, imparting knowledge and occasionally having meetings with the mysterious Ashalan. They have been assisting with raiding with the Mantis, making the best scouts.

The Naga

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