The Minor Clans

The Minor Clans are often over looked by the Great Clans, but these days the Mantis often look after the Minor Clan’s interests.

Badger Clan: This Clan is all but extinct, consisting of some 15 samurai, five of which were last seen on the mainland and were scouting for Toturi’s Army just before the great assault that drove them from the mainland. They are presumed dead by all but the remaining Badger Clan Members.

Sparrow Clan: The Sparrow tried to protect their peasants, and paid the price. The Heartless came for them. Saying that their impure Crane blood was an insult to his Clan. The Sparrow have only a handful left, and have chosen to help the Dragon in protecting the populace of the Empire.

Tortoise Clan: Thought whipped out in the fall of the Capital, a survivor has appeared. He only has his diasho and kimono as his claim to the Clan, but he has been heard saying, if the Boar can come back, so can his Clan, which is still recognized mind you. Some however thinks he bares a striking resemblance to a well known smuggler and con artist of little skill. As such, his claims haven’t gotten very far.

Dragonfly Clan: The largest of the minor Clans. Given that many were courtiers and shugenja of little talent, they have been offering what skills they have. They often act as liaisons for upper levels of the Military of Toturi’s Army, while the Shugejna have been testing their skills for battle.

Hare Clan: The most well known of the Minor Clans is the Hare. Their tireless and thankless job has been hunting the Black Scroll. They are no closer then they were before, and have less men. Its hard to recruit given the high death rate, but they do what they must to survive.

Firefly Clan: Slain to a man, along their lonely coast. Their lands are under Obsidian Control now.

Monkey Clan: The newest of the Minor Clans, the Monkey are building slowly from the ranks of the ronin, and are as cheerful and resourceful lot. Only a handful of this Minor Clan exist at this time.

Boar Clan: The most popular of the Minor Clans, given the heroics of their few members. Their Champion is rebuilding their clan from three to perhaps 30. They have inspired the other Minor Clans and caused many of them to shore up their numbers and attempt to build their numbers once more. Currently the Boar Clan heads the Minor Clan Alliance and speaks often with Yoritomo, enjoying a cup of sake…

Falcon Clan: When the Crab shame fell upon the Great Clan and their lands were left undefended, many of the Falcon left the Crab and their splintered factions to their fate. They journeyed to the Islands and threw their lot in with the Mantis and their alliance.

  • The Minor Clans are in a state where all samurai are needed, both great and small. They have more power for this and they have been pressing hard for further acceptance. They are filling in gaps that many other Great Clans are reluctant to fill, and quickly allying themselves with the peasantry.

The Minor Clans

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