The Mantis Clan

The Mantis Clan is one of the Great Clans of Rokugan. Prior to the Broken Day of Thunder, they could boast of being the oldest Minor Clan in the Empire, though they were not officially recognized as such. They occupied a unique position in Rokugani history, as a former Minor Clan that rose up on the Broken Day of Thunder to become a Great Clan.

Since the Broken Day of Thunder, the Mantis have been seen as saviors and heroes. Battling an evil Empire, and offering safe haven to all who wish it.


  • The Mantis had much to celebrate in the wake of the Summit of Resistance, but the wedding season ruined it. The Mantis and the Crab have been at odds, and it nearly become volatile. The Mantis have been focusing instead on raiding, training of troops and having the Minor Clans in their Alliance focus on trying to help sooth the Crab. They are looking forward to the war in hopes to work along side the Crab and draw their cousins back to their side.

The Mantis Clan

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