The Lion Clan

The Lion Clan were the Right Hand of the Emperor, recording the military and political interactions between the Clans. They were the epitome of bushido and the very example of valor. Next to the Seppun family they were most likely to serve as the Emperor’s guardsmen. They comprised the greater portion of the Imperial Legions.

The Lion are now torn in two. Those who’s oaths were to the Emperor, regardless if he was the jigoku or not. And those who fight for the Empire that was.

The Clan Champion is Toturi, but when it comes to most Lion policy, he allows Matsu Yofun to make choices for the Lion since he looks to the whole of the army who bears his name.


  • Since Summit of Resistance the Lion have been preparing for war. They have little love for the Yobanjin, but they need their alliance to help bolster their armies. They have been working with Yobanjin tribe leaders to understand the strengths of the Unbowed. They have been compiling reports and studying them to know the tactics of the advantages and flaws of the Beast. The delays have been solidifying their prowess.

Matsu Nobu has been preparing the whole of Toturi’s Army for what is to come. No bushi has been sleeping in a house, all must get used to rations once more, and sake has been cut back drastically. He is hardening the samurai for a hard war once more. At first there was a great deal of grumbling, but the Lion aided their hero and helped their peers see the value of what this meant. The Army has become much more prepared for the coming war.

The Lion Clan

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