The Crane Clan

The Crane Clan, Left Hand of the Emperor, was known throughout Rokugan for its skilled duelists and artisans. The Crane were also noted courtiers, wielding great power in the courts of the land. They pursued excellence in all things, and the traditions established by Lady Doji were now customary in the Emperor’s Court. The formal dueling system, iaijutsu, was established by Doji’s husband, Kakita. Their preferential status with the Imperial line was renowned and throughout history the clan had had fewer taxes and more gifts heaped upon them. They were the masters of the courts and had the status and wealth commensurate with such a position.

That was before the fall. Now only their Guardians remain pure, the Daidoji. The last of the pure bred Crane is Daidoji Uji. He has worked to train fresh recruits to repopulate the ranks of the Crane army. Few survive such training though, as Uji believes that the best place to teach his would be followers is in the teeth of the enemies war machine. There are a dozen such Harriers now.


  • After the Summit of Resistance the Crane have been training in the Yobanjin lands, learning the new environment, drawing up maps, studying enemy formations, and sabotaging their encampments and strong holds.

The Crane Clan

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