Obsidian Legion

The Imperial Legions are the military units directly under the command of the Emperor, although in his absence, the Emerald Champion might serve as their leader. These members and commanders of these legions were drawn from all of Rokugan. The Imperial Legion was often known as the Emerald Legion, and in one incarnation known as the Golden Legion. The glorious Hantei the 39th has declared his Imperial Legion, the Obsidian Legion!

Roughly ninety percent of the Legions are away from the Imperial City at any given time. These Wandering Legions fulfilled duties such as patrolling the roads, protecting Tax Collectors, or providing protection for areas of critical importance.


  • The Current Military Structure of the Obsidian Legion – 16.4k Crab, 12.28k Lion, 1.6k Phoenix, 3.3k Scoprion, 7.4k Unicorn = 40.98k

The Obsidian Legion is composed of those who had the faith and devotion of their divine Emperor and have been blessed with his gift, whether this was dedication has been for the last decade or the last nine centuries. The Crab who joined the legion followed the brilliant wisdom of Kuni Yori and fully declared for their emperor the days before the Broken Day of Thunder as the down cast the weak Hida Kasada. The Crab are made almost exclusivly as Hida and Kuni with a smattering of Kaiu The Lion Clan had been divided in the weeks before the day of the Ninth Kami’s ascension, Ikoma Ujaki however rightly was the first to swear his absolute devotion to the throne and thus the half of the Lion joined the Obsidian Legion first, and form the vast body of the legions. The Lion of the legion are mostly Ikoma and Kisu, with a number of death seeking Matsu. The Phoenix were welcomed into the Obsidian Legion as Isawa Tsuke was returned form the ashes. The whole of the Asako family, over half of the Isawa and a number of very devoted Shiba swore fealty to their Emperor. The number of Scorpion joined Yogo Junzo in his readying the way for the divinity of Jigoku to spread across the Empire. When the empress and Junzo were returned to their prior states, half of the Scorpion roughly bent in supplication. There had been concerns of treachery from Scorpion, but now all are loyal to a fault due to the gift, even the former traitor Bayushi Hisa. The Unicorn Clan had long ago gained much favor of the magnificent Emperor with the blessing of the Dark Moto. With the return of their Thunder, Otaku Kamoko the Harbinger of Fu Leng, the Unicorn began to waver in their stead fast devotion to standing in rebellion, however the death of their lord Shinjo Yokatsu and the return of many of their riders changed much. The Moto form much of the Unicorn Clan, with a number of Battle Maidens and many Ide who had remained in the courts.

Small numbers of other Clans also exist within the Obsidian Legion, and after each battle against the forces who dare to stand in defiance of the heavens, the ranks of the Obsidian Legion swells, rather then recedes like other, lesser armies.

Obsidian Legion:

Rikugunshokan: Ikoma Ujaki

Shireikan: Moto Tsume – Oversees Legion First through Fifth .

Shireikan: Otaku Kamoko – Oversees Legion Sixth through Tenth.

Taisa: Jama Suru – The First Legion, the Imperial Legions are among the most prestigious military units in Rokugan. Among them, none stands taller than the sacred First Legion.

Taisa: Ikoma Yosei – The Second Legion, the Second Legion contains vastly more archery units than the other legions and often lends its support to others during wartime.

Taisa: Myia Satoshi – The Third Legion, steeped in the traditions of dueling, the Third Legion emphasizes a strategy of eliminating an opposing force’s leaders as the quickest path to victory.

Taisa: Moto Sada – The Fourth Legion, the ruthlessness of the Fourth Legion is the stuff of legends. They are known to inflict horrific losses upon their enemies even in defeat.

Taisa: Isawa Tanayama – The Fifth Legion, the smallest of the ten great legions, the Fifth Legion is well known for its high number of shugenja, and thus its versatility.

Taisa: Bayushi Hisa – The Sixth Legion, emphasizing scouts and light infantry, the Sixth Legion is ever among the first of the legions to be deployed in the name of their Emperor.

Taisa: Bayushi Paneki – The Seventh Legion, resolute and honorable to the last, the officers and warriors of the Seventh Legion often find themselves promoted to join the First Legion.

Taisa: Moto Notu – The Eighth Legion, the Eighth Legion blends cavalry and shugenja perfectly, and is easily the fastest of the ten great legions.

Taisa: Yoritomo Makashi – The Ninth Legion, alone among the great legions, the Ninth Legion employs significant naval forces as well as its normal infantry make-up.

Taisa: Matsu Daoquan – The Tenth Legion, drawing heavily from the Death Seekers, the Tenth Legion makes great use of waves upon waves of bushi who throw themselves into reckless death, then stand and gloriously will die again.

Obsidian Legion

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