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  • The Lion Clan

    The Lion Clan were the Right Hand of the Emperor, recording the military and political interactions between the Clans. They were the epitome of bushido and the very example of valor. Next to the Seppun family they were most likely to serve as the Emperor' …

  • Matsu Nobu

    1: What clan does your character belong to? The Scorpion Clan. 2: What family does your character belong to? The Soshi family. Though most often associated with the Soshi Shugenja school, the simple fact is that shugenja are rare, even among shugenja …

  • Matsu Mikiu

    The daughter of a Lion Clan Hero, she fled the capital when Bayushi Goshiu helped prisoners escape from the imperial palace. She has fought for since the Broken Day of Thunder, focused on surviving and seeking redemption for her Clan.

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