Hantei the 39th

Emperor and god of the Obsidian Empire


A mad approaching his middle years, his skin is deathly pale, and his eyes glow with a green malevolence. He keeps his long black hair up in a traditional style and wears black robes.


The Emperor, god, ninth Kami, Fu Leng. All these titles and more explain who he is, but his actions explain what he is. He is an expansionist, a tyrant, and a destroyer of all which would ever dare to oppose him or his whims.

He has chosen that the taint not be a thing of happen stance, but a thing of reward. Something to make even the most loyal of men, eventually succumb to his absolute will.

He has taken the Yobanjin, opened trade with the Ivory Kingdoms and the Burning Sands. Suggested war with the sea faring nations and these are all while fighting a civil war.

There seems to be only one way to stop him, and that is finding the 12 Black Scroll, opening it to end his immortality, and then killing him. All tasks that the Thunders attempted and failed to do. The 12th Scroll hidden somewhere in the Empire, and until it is found his reign seems endless.

  • Kuni Hisui and Hiruma Genshu noticed that the Emperor was aging while they were at the Imperial Speeches just before the Mantis Island assault.

Hantei the 39th

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