Toturi's Army

Toturi’s Army was the band of samurai put together by the then-ronin, Toturi, during the early days of the Clan War. Though the group was composed mostly of ronin, many clan samurai also flocked to the banners of the Black Lion, especially those from the Unicorn and Dragon Clans.

A discussion of Bushido and the role of the samurai between Toku and Toturi the Black, inspired the later to gather followers and confront the bandit lord Yugoro, a ragtag army which would be known as the Toturi’s Army, a Ronin Brotherhood which was formally created in 1125, to use them to protect the Empire from bandits and other threats.

Since those early days, Toturi’s Army has become a thing of legend. Opposing the Dark Emperor. Toturi’s Army has become an icon of hope and revolution, and to their foes a sign of rebellion, dissidence and fear.

Toturi’s Army was forced to abandon the main land of Rokugan in 1138, and moved to the Islands of Spice and Silk with Yoritomo’s Alliance. For the next few years the Army and the Alliance faced a number of miscommunications and their arrangement almost came to the end, but the Bog Hags responsible were found out and killed. Since that time the two groups have all but merged into a single army. Many suspect that Yoritomo may have called the The Minor Clans together to discuss that while the final loose ends are being taken care of before the Yobanjin Campaign.


  • The Current Military Structure of Toturi’s Army: 5.4k Crab, 1.8k Dragon, 18.4k Lion, 0.4k Naga, 1.6k Phoenix, 3.3k Scoprion, 4.9k Unicorn = 35.8K Samurai

The days of being a ronin brotherhood has long since passed. Primarily made of Lion who followed Matsu Gohei, the Crab who found redemption beside Hida Yakamo, and the unicorn of the Moto and Otaku who refused to leave the Empire in such a state make up the vast majority of the Army. The Scorpion’s number have been cut low since the time of Hisa’s leadership, when that general fell so did many of his followers. The Dragon’s numbers have slimmed as time has waned as well, as the Clan remained divided for too long. The Phoenix, rare as they were under the weight of the Clan War’s effects, have grown as their shugenja have been well protected and a number of promising Shiba have been trained these last few years. The Naga have only a handful of their warriors left, but what little they have to offer still remains a powerful source of knowledge and long lost skills. The Brotherhood is also mixed within, but they comprise a very small number of warriors, making the few of them that are martial treasured individuals. A few of the Minor Clans, notably the Boar, Monkey and Hare are primarily apart of the Army. A number of ronin still remain, but most these days have been accepted into other Clans to replenish their numbers.

Toturi’s Army:

Rikugunshokan: Toturi

Shireikan: Matsu Yofun

Taisa: Akodo UmouCourage
Chui: Matsu Nobu Tiger’s Maw
Chui: Akodo Hasame – The Righteous Roar
Chui:Togashi Mitsu (Gunso Shosuro Yudoka) – Dragon’s Breath
Chui: Toku Bokatu – The Grasping Paws
Chui: Kitsu Huiyuan – Wrath of the Ancestors

Taisa: Matsu Morishigi – The Storm
Chui: Agasha BoutouSoul of the Mountains
Chui: Yoritomo Raikou – The Drunken Waves
Chui: Matsu Suhada – Loyal Bushi
Chui: Akodo Saigorei – Horned Lions
Chui: Matsu Mikiu – Pride of Claws

Taisa: Otaku HayaiThe Thundering Hooves

Chui: Hida Tsuru (Gunso Matsu Seijuro) – Demon Raiders
Chui: Hida Tadashiro – Clawed Redeemers
Chui: Toku (Gunso Mirumoto Tokeru) – Honor
Chui: Shiba KikuRebirth from Ashes
Chui: Moto Tsugi – The Lord’s Judgement

Taisa: Hida Unari – The Wall

Chui: Bayushi Muraisan – Silken Blades
Chui: Isawa Norikazu – Purity of Flame
Chui: Ashida – Shinsei’s Smile
Chui: Akodo Ijiasu – Bushi of the Swift Sword
Chui: Heichi JuyoNever the Last

Taisa: Diadoji UjiUnyielding
Chui: Isawa ShinpaniLegion of Wind
Chui: Kitsuki Mizuochi – Unrelenting
Chui: Usagi Hiroimono – Resolute
Chui: Yaro – Crystal Legion
Chui: Bayushi Areru – Black and Red

Toturi's Army

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