The Unbroken Crab

When the Crab Clan convened after the Broken Day of Thunder, Hida Yakamo said redemption laid outside of the Crab Lands and with Toturi’s Army. Yasuki Taka said that it lay sabotaging the enemy from within the capital. Hida O-Ushi however knew the truth of the matter. Her Crab had never fallen, they had given their lives to hold the south at all costs, it was what she swore to her father. Even though the wall had fallen, she and her forces were the wall and they would not allow the south to be had so easily, so long as she and her men drew breath. Thus, the Crab broke into three, and the latter opinion gave rise to the Unbroken Crab.

Since that day, the forces lead by O-Ushi, have assaulted the Legions of Jigoku in a reverse fashion of what was once the norm of the Crab Lands, with her smaller forces assaulting new enemy strong holds and stealing away their commanders by taking their skulls to purify and hide them. The Oni Lords, who had thought that victory was with the fall of the carpenter wall, have choked on that victory for nearly 10 years of strife.

  • The Unbroken Crab have aligned themselves with The Spider Clan, using their impressive knowledge of the damned to wreck new levels of terror on the forces of hell.
  • The Unbroken Crab have taken the Yasuki provenances nearest the Crane Lands, using the river as a natural boarder. Holding land is a point of pride of the Unbroken Crab who have lived in the darkest reaches of the mountains and caves, moving from place to place to avoid detection. Hear in their lands they have been able to martial strength, and with their allies in Toturi’s Army they have been able to train much of their newest forces in some amount of focused peace. O-Ushi has laid a plan, knows the Maw will come soon, and she will pit all of her might against his, hoping to lure him into a position where he must attack a a strong hold, which will make him more vulnerable then he would be sitting in the ruins of Kyuden Hida, where he hags the bones of Crab Commanders from its walls now.


  • The Current Military Structure of the Unbroken Crab – 5.4k Unbroken Crab

The vast majority of the Unbroken Crab is made up of Hiruma, since their family had not marched north with the rest of the Clan, but had stayed to watch the wall. This has given the Unbroken Crab the best scouts in the Empire. A number of Hida also remained, to protect O-Ushi, and under her guidance a new generation of hardened Hida remain. The half of the Kaiu left with Kolat, the other half remained with the Broken Crab, and for a long time they out numbered the Hida forces, they have repaired weapons and armor and built traps for the army as their primary duties. The Kuni are the most populated here, given their same of Kuni Yori, many chose to remain in their blighted lands in exile, however O-Ushi spent a great amount of time recruiting them from their shame. Now they are the largest faction of Kuni, save for the corrupted ones who still serve Yori’s insanity.

Unbroken Crab:

Rikugunshokan: Hida O-Ushi

Shireikan: Hiruma Yugure

Taisa: Hiruma Kage – Sabotage Legion

Taisa: Hiruma Masagaro – Scout Legion

Taisa: Hida RohitekiAssault Legion

Taisa: Kuni Utagu – Purify Legion

Taisa: Kaiu SumanSiege Legion

The Unbroken Crab

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