The Dragon Clan

For over a thousand years it has been their duty to watch and record the history of Rokugan. While the Dragon are seen as reclusive and aloof by most clans, they understand the necessity of acting only when the time is right.

The Dragon Clan mostly withdrew after the Broken Day of Thunder, leaving some 100 samurai in Toturi’s Army behind. The Dragon Lands were then consumed by shadow, and even the forces of Jigoku seemed to fear them. A wall, named the Wall of Bone, was built to contain the lands. Word came out, that Hitomi, Champion of the Dragon, had made a pact with The Lying Darkness to make her armies and lands impossible for the Empire to take. They have since been closed off to all, but Hitomi has extended her hand in friendship to Toturi’s Army, seeking an alliance. It has been many years, but Toturi’s Army has accepted.

Of the 100 Dragon in Toturi’s Army, many have died over the years. They have fought to inspire, guide and protect. They mostly help the peasantry, and go on missions seeking forgotten knowledge and wisdom to bring back to their members. Trying to understand what may have happened to their Clan as a whole.


  • Since the Summit of Resistance the Dragon have become energized by the return of Mirumoto Satsu, and the journey into the heartlands. Mirumoto Hitomi had been a source of heroism and pride for the Clan in the Clan Wars. Her withdrawal into the mountains and the accusations that she led to these dark times hurt the Clan. The loss of Togashi made them feel blind. Many heroes have been lost along the way, and their leadership has been the dual ideals of Togashi Mitsu and Kokujin, which has been dead locked and conflicting.

Satsu’s return spear headed the Clan once more, and they moved with purpose and dedication. Their pride restored and the leadership of the Clan was no longer at a stalemate. The Dragon rallied and moved into training ashigaru, for the coming war.

However with Satsu missing now, the Clan is waiting with its breath held, caught with a cautious stance.

  • The Dragon Clan was released from the darkness. Needing guidance, Togashi Mitsu was made Clan Champion, where now he contemplates the Dragon Clan’s next movements.


The Current Military Structure of the Dragon Clan Army – 8.2k Dragon

The Dragon Clan’s armies had been mostly untouched during the whole of the Clan War, briefly bloodying their blades at Biden Pass and sustaining light losses there. When the Broken Day of Thunder ended in defeat the armies were recalled to the Dragon Mountains, and then for 11 years lost to the Lying Darkness. The Dragon have returned to themselves along with perhaps the most rested and well trained army since the Clan Wars, with well known veterans of those fights. The Mirumoto Family is the bulk of the Dragon Army. The Kitsuki often work in under positions, advising their more militarist comrades. The Agasha and the Order of Togashi and Hitomi have joined the army as well, lending their mystical talents to the fight.

The Dragon Clan Army:

Rikugunshokan: Togashi Mitsu

Shireikan: Mirumoto Satsu

Taisa: Hitomi KagetoraLady’s Will, the Dragon’s mystics.

Taisa: Mirumoto Sukune – Dragon Storm, the Dragon cavalry.

Taisa: Mirumoto Taki – Dragon Talons, the Dragon heavy units.

Taisa: Agasha Heizo – Dragon’s Flame, the Dragon elite flame archers.

Taisa: Togashi Yoshi – Dragon’s Scales, the Dragon Land’s defenses.

The Dragon Clan

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