Legion of Jigoku

The Obsidian Legions outwardly resembled a traditional Rokugani army, and maintained strict discipline. The forces of Jigoku were another matter altogether, however. Led by the Oni Lord known simply as the Maw, these forces—sometimes called the Legion of Jigoku—embodied all the chaos and destruction of the Shadowlands Horde. Their massive numbers of oni, goblins, ogres, and trolls rampaged across the countryside at Fu Leng’s biding with no reguard to human life. The only human’s acceptable to the Legion of Jigoku are the undead, who mostly had accumulated within the Shadowlands for the last 1000 years, although a number more recent members had joined them. But all of these former humans serve the will of the Oni Lords.


  • The Current Military Structure of the Legion of Jigoku – 10.8k Oni and Shadowlands Creatures, 23k Undead, .3k Oni Lords = 34.1k

Oni, goblins, trolls and ogres form the brute strength of the Legion, and serve within all branches. The undead hordes form the body of this military structure, serving as shock troops, fodder and distractions for the greater threats hidden in the ranks. Sometimes the undead are laced with magics meant to spread plague as they are sacrificed. The Oni Lords are few in number, and but they have at last assumed the roles they were destined to achieve, lording over the corrupted and fallen Empire. If it were not from the Maw’s tireless will, the Oni Lords would have turned upon each other with rivalry and infighting long ago.

Legion of Jigoku:

Rikugunshokan: The Maw

Shireikan: The First Oni

Taisa: Shikibu no Oni – Wandering Terror, the unit has no direction, but wanders in and out of the southern Empire at the whim of its commander, causing havoc and destruction.

Taisa: Yakamo no Oni – The Wrath of Jigoku, the offensive arm of the Maw.

Taisa: Kyoso no Oni – The Apostles of Bone, the defenders of the Wall of Bone, who keep the Shadow corrupted Dragon at bay.

Taisa: Tsuburu no Oni – The Wall Breakers, they defend and hold the Crab lands in a merciless grip of terror.

Taisa: Orschat – Goblin Hordes, made up of mostly goblins, this horde is made up of lesser fodder of the other parts of the army, and often serve in all four other armies.

Legion of Jigoku

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