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  • Daigotsu Omoni

    The tainted creature, whatever it is, seems to advise his Lord. He can often be seen whispering in the other's ear with a cruel smile on its lips. Whoever, or whatever he is, the thing is always close to his master's side. *Bayushi Goshiu* thinks that …

  • Chewy

    There are many Ratlings on the islands, and now the boats of the islands too. But on the forced march from the mountains, [[:kuni-hisui | Kuni HIsui]] found a dead nezumi, and a single weak looking pup. He took the squeezing weak thing with him, and since …

  • K'mee

    The curious little rattling is an armful, and often is blissfully unaware that chooses the wrong moments to become curious and strike out on its own.

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