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  • Pranay Surresh

    A woman with a sly smile, and heavily lidded eyes. She has a very impassive face and a very commanding voice when she dines to speak. When the Winter Court is over she will be going to Rokugan, she has been spending time in Medinaat Al-Salaam.

  • Shaym

    The old man is aloof and seems, when dared or encouraged to participate, he can beat most of the Rokugani games with ease. He is skilled, intelligent and often impassive and remote as an icy mountain. He is a mystic for the court.

  • Mahavira Singh

    As the leader of the armies for the Maharaja, it is house Singh's privilege to wage war. However, Mahavira seems conflicted, the Obsidian Samurai have gone a long way to disarming him. He has been making excuses with meeting with the Emerald Samurai since …

  • Mohinder

    He is the protector of the Maharaja's soul. He remains apart of the antics of court, feeling that these impurities of a none traditional Ivory Kingdom are unwise to engage. He has listened and spoken with many of the Winter Court, but he has not joined in …

  • Nala Rafiq

    She is the voice of the court, speaking often for the Maharaja and secured the position only recently. Despite her relative youth, she has held it well. All of the Houses are very pleased with her, and despite the conflicts between the Houses she still …

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