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  • The Unicorn Clan

    Once known as the Ki-Rin Clan, the Unicorn Clan departed Rokugan shortly after the first Day of Thunder. The Kami Shinjo, founder of the clan, hoped to avert other threats to Rokugan by discovering them first. They roamed the world for eight centuries …

  • Ide Yuriko

    She was sly and intelligent, with a quick whit. She has become a courtly gossip, is up to date on most rumors, and she often seems to spawn rumors as well. She is a bit of a slanderer, and seems to mask the truth in layers of deception. No wonder Goshui …

  • Ide Hiro

    He has gotten along well with the royal guards, and the Master of War. He has already shown them the prowess of the Unicorn Steeds, and is far the winner of Horsemanship tourney. He has been talking of establishing a land rout of trade as well as ship.

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