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  • Asori of the Scarab Empire

    This Senpet Courtesan speaks on behalf of her Scarab Empire and it is suspected that she also watched for the Immortal Calif. An unexpected guest, but many rumors are dashing about to peice togther her position. The Senpet Empire is in decline, and has …

  • Kaneko

    A skilled courtier, and talented merchant, she used her skills for the Unbroken Crab in negotiating with peasants and merchants alike to keep their blades strong and bellies fed. She is cagey and cunning. Her reputation means a great deal to one who built …

  • Bayushi Kyoi

    Quartermaster of the Supply Train is Bayushi Kyoi, who is a poet of little skill. His poetry has often been used as a medium to level threats at those who disrupt his timetables. Part of the [[Tiger's Maw Unit | Tiger's Maw Unit]]. * He was trained …

  • Kitsuki Yasu

    A famed duelist and magistrate from before even the Scorpion Clan Coup, and Diamyo of the Kitsuki family. He was discovered deep within the lower parts of the High House of Light, tricked into try to undo the history of the world written by Togashi Kami's …

  • Ide Yuriko

    She was sly and intelligent, with a quick whit. She has become a courtly gossip, is up to date on most rumors, and she often seems to spawn rumors as well. She is a bit of a slanderer, and seems to mask the truth in layers of deception. No wonder Goshui …

  • Yogo Ayaka

    Claimed to have already spent her curse on someone that she loved and lost, she was proposed to be the would be wife to the windowed Maharaja. She has been a charm, exemplifying all of the courtly grace one would expect from someone of the royal courts. …

  • Ide Hiro

    He has gotten along well with the royal guards, and the Master of War. He has already shown them the prowess of the Unicorn Steeds, and is far the winner of Horsemanship tourney. He has been talking of establishing a land rout of trade as well as ship.

  • Ikoma Kazue

    When he arrived on the shores, much of the Ivory Kingdom was ready to side with the Singh to destroy the demon Emperor, but Kazue set those stories aside and told a very different tale. It was enough to spread doubt into who were truly the villains and …

  • Gobind Surresh

    She demands constant opulence and to flaunt the success of her house in all things House Surresh does. Any event done by the Obsidian Samurai or House Surresh has her hand in it, and their wealth glitters constantly.

  • Gowri Surresh

    Her House has the Favor of the Maharaja and she wields it well. She currently is perhaps the most powerful woman in the courts and often uses her position to smooth tensions and keep harmony, even from her guests and the guests of the Singh.

  • Pranay Surresh

    A woman with a sly smile, and heavily lidded eyes. She has a very impassive face and a very commanding voice when she dines to speak. When the Winter Court is over she will be going to Rokugan, she has been spending time in Medinaat Al-Salaam.

  • Nala Rafiq

    She is the voice of the court, speaking often for the Maharaja and secured the position only recently. Despite her relative youth, she has held it well. All of the Houses are very pleased with her, and despite the conflicts between the Houses she still …

  • Yash Rafiq

    The gawky youth still does a good job, but to the skill of her other peers outshines her greatly. Although she always seems to be in high spirits and greatly amused all the time.

  • Hantei Naseru

    Taken form his mother during The Fall of Lightening City, he has been raised by [[:hantei-kachiko | Hantei Kachiko]], and raised beside [[:hantei-yakusoku | Hantei Shoje]]. Since his gempuku, he seems to have taken to [[:hantei-the-39th | Hantei the …

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