Yu of the Daughters of the Flame Tribe

Tribe leader of the fire priestesses


A younger woman with a wild tangle of hair and flowing rough spun robes with signs of burned and scorched edges. She smells of ash, smoke and sulfur.


Of the Daughters of the Flame seems to be a just woman. She follows the laws of this new land studiously, and keeps her tribesmen in check. She is a shamen of her people and practices fire magics in ways that defy the understanding of the shugjena. The other tribes respect her and words. She seems to have not taken sides amunst the tribes decision to unite or follow the old ways.

Bayushi Goshiu believes that Yu may be a key towards gaining the Yobanjin as an ally. If she were convinced to side with Chen or Baxing, it could mean gaining a majority amongst the assembled tribes.

Yu of the Daughters of the Flame Tribe

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