Yoritomo Aramasu

Once Scoprion, now Mantis Hero


Often found shirtless, he wears crimson shorts with green influences, and a soft silken gauze that accents more then hides his features. He is a good looking man, and has a charismatic smile.


Once a Gunso under Matsu Yofun, his battle skills had only been lightly tested before the routing from the Spine of the World Mountains, he had gained his position because of his charismatic leadership. The harrowing march south however, changed him much. He was forced to grow as a commander, and learned quickly besides the like of Hida Yakamo. He took the loss of the mainland hard, and has focused his skills on understanding battle as an obsession. He turned to the Yoritomo on the islands, and wished to understand the way of navel combat. He now assists the Mantis raiding parties, and his strikes are so well designed, no injuries have yet to be sustained during his surprise ambushes form sea. The Mantis and the Scoprion celebrate his honing martial skills.

  • He was married into the Mantis after the Summit. He has taken command of a number of ships for the Mantis.

*Married to

Yoritomo Aramasu

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