The Son of Storms!


The Mantis Champion is a tall man, with a powerful build. His voice is the beating of waves upon the shore, and his eyes blaze light lightening. His bearing is every bit the warrior and his gaze is unflinching.


The Son of Storms. Yoritomo is a mighty tactition, warrior, and leader. He has risen many of the minor Clans form the muck and forged them into a power that could threaten to undo a dynasty. However, in the years since the arrival of Toturi’s Army, the leader of Yoritomo’s Alliance has become withdrawn and tension has risen between the two parties. Now Yoritomo has ‘suggested’ that Thrane and Merenae be drawn into the conflict as well.

Bayushi Gosgiu knows that the alliance is straining. It is a delicate thing to approach the Mantis Champion, and engage him in the talk that will be necessary to resolve the unsaid words that have caused such a divide. Yet, something must be done. Be cautious, a single misstep could mean the end of what hospitality remains.


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