Yogo Junzo

Dark Elemental Master of Air


A skeleton of flesh, stitched to flesh, with a long fu manchu and white long hair which is corpse brittle and flowing in a wind that isn’t there.


Yogo Junzo is often thought to be the one who caused the rise of Fu Leng. When his lord was slain, he took his vengeance upon the Empire by opening many of the Black Scrolls. As he unleashed the plague upon the Empire, the taint, they say drove him to madness.

Junzo built an army of the dead, of oni, of tainted Scorpion seeking vengeance and of the lost. He made the famous mon now used by the shadowlands, and burned and pillaged his way through the brotherhood, hunting the Hooded Ronin. He sacked the Phoenix Lands and held the walls of the Capital during the Broken Day of Thunder. He fell to Otaku Kamoko, and was later raised back again by Hantei the 39th.

His devotion was rewarded with the title of The Dark Elemental Master of Air, and he believes he is the chosen of Fu Leng, his divine instrument made manifest.

Yogo Junzo

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