A heroic Bushi who shuns the blade.


A lean man with an easy smile, an old war story, and a debilitating arrow to some Imperial scum’s eye!


The Champion of the Wasp, and closest ally to the Mantis. His skill with a bow, dedication to justice and tenacity to see his Clan safe caused him to forge an alliance with the Mantis years ago. Yoritomo has extended the Wasp a seat at the table as his Clan become a great Clan, and the Wasp seeing their lands taken and overrun have accepted the position. He is skilled and something of a bounty hunter, hunting down chief threats within the Empire and ‘bringing them to justice’ with a single arrow.

Kitsuki Kaagi respects the eagle eyed bushi, and he has pressed to form a strong relationship with him. Most of the guards here are Wasp, as he respect their honor and resolve.


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