Leader of Toturi's Army


Few men can bare the weight of the world like Toturi has. He has lost an eye, an Empire and so many followers. Yet he still finds reasons to smile, he still finds a way to inspire loyalty with those who follow him, and still dreams of a peaceful Empire.


The Black Lion. These past 12 years have been an intense struggle for the famed tactition. The weight of so many lost and the state of the Empire weighs heavily upon him. This summit is to try and regain the upper hand over the Dark Emperor, however so my threads are fraying and alliances once set in stone are crumbling. Given his position as host, he must remain strong and trust his subordinates abilities to strengthen ties in his place.

Bayushi Goshiu feels that even the great Toturi needs some form of aid, approaching him subtly and probing him for what ales him may be wise. Perhaps it is nothing, perhaps it is everything.

  • Died trying to save the last of his followers on the Island of Spice. He was slain by Hoturi the Heartless. But was able to give a last few words of encouragement to Kaneka before he passes.


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