Togashi Mitsu

A Hero of the Dragon Clan


Togashi Mitsu’s tattoos are his most distinct features. They are a swirl of bright figures across his well muscled body. With a dragons roaring face gracing the back of his skull. His right arm was torn from his body by the Maw in a conflict of old, which has made him no less deadly.


Togashi Mitsu has been one of the dragon’s duel leaders since the Broken Day of Thunder. He is a courageous hero, but given his leadership he has been forced to be cautious, something that he seems to struggle with. He would much rather be a man of constant action. His peer, and in many ways rival, Togashi Kokujin has been keeping him in balance, while he does the same to the other monk.

  • Given the disappearance of Hida Yakamo, Hida Tsuru and Mirumoto Satsu he and Kokujin have aided the Tiger Maw Elite into the Dragon Lands, to try and discover what happened to the missing group.
  • Togashi Shunsen attacked Mitsu, slicing off his hands with shadowed claws. Leaving the Jade Hand behind, saying a Hero with a great name was needed.
  • Freed his Clan from the slavery of the Nothing and from Kokujin. He has become the Clan Champion, much to his discomfort.

Togashi Mitsu

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