The Shashakar

A cobra of intense magical understanding


Me is a cobra of the Naga, his face so deformed and mutated that he cannot speak, and seems to barely be able to breath.


The Naga is the leader of few who remain. His understanding of magic however is as alien and powerful as any of the Elemental Masters. Supposedly the mute serpent who can only speak through echoes in an others mind was the one who wove the great sleep. He assisted Kuni Osaku in purifying the Great Sea Spider, and convincing it to lay waste to any of the Dark Emperor’s Ships.

  • He gave the Golden Pearl to Matsu Nobu.
  • He died of wounds inflected by Furu no Oni. He passed on his connection to the Akasha and all of his memories to a dying battle maiden, who was reborn as Akasha.

The Shashakar

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