The Maw

The Leader of the Legion of Jigoku


A massive three story tall creature, with a body twice as long covered in sharp razor like horns. It walks on all fours, with intelligent recessed eyes, and of course a massive maw filled with teeth.


The Maw is the reason there is a Carpenter Wall, why the Kuni lands were tainted and the Hiruma lands lost. His war, 300 years after the founding of the Empire, was intense and one of the most devastating. He nearly had the Empire, had it not been for a young Kuni named Osaku, who gave her life to raise a massive wall of water, and allowed the Great Clans to rally and build the foundation of the Wall. It took the WHOLE Hiruma family to bring him down.

For 600 years his purified skull rested at Kyuden Hida, and the lands knew a long lasting peace. Since Shokansuru broke the skull, the Maw has taken his long awaited conquest of the Empire out in full and with interest. He has taken to hanging the skeletons of the Crab upon the ruins of Kyuden Hida, where he rules from. He leads the vast armies of the Legion of Jigoku, and has been at near constant war with The Unbroken Crab, which has been a game of give and take, with the Maw taking more and more each time.

As of recent, he slew the Great Sea Spider, and seems to have broken the Unbroken Crab with the death of Hida O-Ushi. Where next will the Maw set his hungry eyes upon?

The Maw

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