The Lying Darkness



Nothing…. Well a shadowy nothing.


A cosmic force of nature, a sentient thing? No one knows for sure. Its story origin often is contradictory. However, it tends to follow this motif:

“The Nothing was existential void that pre-dated the existence of the world. The world was born from Nothing in three stages. One-third of the world was created out of its fear of loneliness, another third out of its desire for companionship, and the last third came from its remorse for accidentally creating the world and therefore ruining the perfect, empty void. In its regret it gained a desire to return everything to what it was before its fear. This entity avoided getting a name from Lady Sun and Lord Moon when they went about the task of handing out names to everything that existed. Nothing hid within the shadow, looking for a way to destroy this world it had accidentally made.”

However… some stories suggest that Lord Moon saw the Nothing, and that it made a bargain with the Moon. Some say it whispered to Lord Moon and drove him to madness. Others say it did nothing at all but watched. However, what one should find most disturbing is that these stories exist at all. For who was there to witness this, and then talk of it later? But the Nothing… what lies is it spreading or concealing?

  • Kitsuki Yasu suggested that the Nothing caused the fall of the Kami and may still hold one of the Kami hostage somewhere.
  • Togashi Shunsen stated in his story that Hitomi had manipulated her on the Broken Day of Thunder and set in motion the rise of Fu Leng.
  • The Nothing nearly used the Dragon Clan in an attempts to gain entry into the Heavens, had it not been for the Tiger’s Maw Elite Unit. What plans will it hatch in the name of retribution?

The Lying Darkness

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