Matsu Nobu


1: What clan does your character belong to?
The Scorpion Clan.

2: What family does your character belong to?
The Soshi family. Though most often associated with the Soshi Shugenja school, the simple fact is that shugenja are rare, even among shugenja families.

3: What is your character?
One part reckless, one part passively deceptive, 2 parts heroic, and 6 parts awesome.

4: How would others describe your characters appearance?
Too straightforward to be honest, given his Clan’s reputation.

5: What is your character’s primary motivation?
To spread the name of the Dark Sword of Bitter Lies through deeds, not words.

6: Who is the person your character trusts most in the world?
The heroic Master Tangen, founder of the Dark Sword of Bitter Lies technique and author of “Lies.”

7: What is your character’s greatest strength and weakness?
His greatest strength is his keen mind, though he occasionally over-thinks things. His greatest weakness is that he is a Junshin, never fully trusted by his own Clan yet thought the villian by anyone outside its ranks.

8: What does your character think of Bushido?
It has served the Empire as the standard of personal excellence for a thousand years. May it do so for another thousand years.

9: What is your character’s opinion of his clan?
Their duties are rightfully taken seriously, and he understands why they eschew bushido as a whole, but they are not reasons he can personally agree with.

10: Is your character married?
No, though it’s likely he will be married off as a part of some minor political alliance simply to be rid of him.

11: Does your character have any prejudices?
He considers the Crab too blunt and the Lion too eager for war. During the Clan Wars he considered the Crane too delicate, though in the face of all they have weathered the few Crane remaining have earned his respect. The Dragon, though not well understood by him, have proven to welcome allies. The Unicorn simply seem confusing, as some have gone from the Empire and some remain- why would they divide themselves? He hasn’t known very many Phoenix at all, though he empathizes with their desire for peace.

12: To whom does your character owe the most loyalty?
Master Tangen, though Toturi would be a close second since Master Tangen sent him to work under Toturi to spread word of the Dark Sword of Bitter Lies. Toturi has been a gracious and understanding commander concerning Nobu’s adherence to bushido; Toturi has yet to send him on some of the more questionable missions his Clansmen are typically assigned.

13: What are your character’s favorite and least favorite things?
He loves learning new things, the thrill of battle, and napping in the shade. He detests illnesses of all kinds, having watched his family fall to the Wasting Disease.

14: Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?
He watches too intently when others are relaying any kind of tactical information or knowledge he doesn’t already possess. When thinking he tends to scratch his chin with his thumb.

15: What about your characters emotions?
Naturally he wears his On like any other samurai, but he’s surprisingly honest with others whether that has to do with being factual or simply being true to his feelings.

16: How would your character handle a subordinate’s improper behavior?
For lesser offenses he would dress them down as appropriate and ask how they intended to correct the error. If the response is not appropriate his Compassion would compel him to aid his subordinate in making things right. For more grievous offenses he would likely have to confer with Toturi since the situation is unlikely to be merely a personal slight or correctable error.

17: How would your character’s parents describe him?
His hope is that although disappointed with his choice to be junshin they would urge him to find a way to excel in his duties without betraying his ideals. He’ll never really know, of course, since they fell to the Wasting Disease before his gempukku.

18: What is your character’s highest ambition?
To become a lieutenant general under Toturi and put his mind to work in reclaiming the Empire, then to help the Scorpion rebuild. Perhaps one day he can aid Master Tangen in instructing the next generation of Bitter Lies swordsmen.

19: How religious is your character?
Not at all. Shinsei’s words can sometimes be used to motivate those without the strength of will act on their own. He’s also heard that the Heavens have been closed off from the realm of man- why, then, should any man be religious? Clearly they’re on their own.

20: How will your character die?
He’ll die of old age, content in the knowledge that none could match the peerless swordsmanship he’s since passed on to future generations.

Matsu Nobu

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