Shosuro Hametsu

Shosuro Daimyo


A lean man who dressed in red, wearing a star hat and gauntlets stylized like scorpions. His mask is that of a silver scorpion clutching to his lower face. HE allows his long white hair to flow loose about him.


The younger brother of the Empress, is perhaps what he is best known for. Although none dare say that to his face. Their rivalry is a thing of legend. His knowledge of herbs and all plant life within, and some say without, the Empire is surpassed by few. He is a herbal master, and some whisper he is a master of poisons as well.

HE disappeared just after the Broken Day of Thunder, and it would seem that The Lying Darkness took him. He has reappeared in the Dragon lands and taken command of the shoshuro that escaped the grasp of the Nothing.

Shosuro Hametsu

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