Moto Tsume

Leader of the Dark Moto


A rotted looking nightmare come to life, with blazing eyes and dark armor, scarred form a thousand victories.


Moto Tsume was a powerful leader of his family after their return from the burning sands. He was a master tactition and charismatic leader. He was also prideful. He led nearly the whole of his fmaily into the Shadowlands, boasting he would do what the Crab could not do, and for many years, only a handful of half mad bushi returned. Then one terrible night, Moto Tsume and his horde of Dark Moto assaulted the Wall, and took it for a time.

Moto Tsume was one of the few shadowlands creatures since The Maw to show any sign of leadership. When he joined with Yogo Junzo and terrorized the Unicorn Lands, few could scarcely believe how unfair karamah was being.

In the Broken Day of Thunder, his Dark Moto turned the tide for the Dark Lord’s favor, and bought Yogo Junzo’s leaderless horde back under command. In the immediate years that followed the Emperor’s claim to the Throne, it was his army that held the line.

He has apparently worked out a deal with Medinaat Al-Salaam’s leader, Immortal Caliph.

In recent years he has only known one defeat, and that was to The Unicorn Clan who had united in the desert.

Moto Tsume

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