Mirumoto Yoshiaki

Brave New Duelist


A man in his early years, with a look of bravado in his eyes. He wears the gold and green of the Dragon.


Trained by the last few of the dragon within the remnants of Toturi’s Armies. His mentor and teacher just died a week ago from an infected cut, at the hands of Bayushi Setsu, and suspects the Scorpion poisoned his blade. He has taken the master’s position as the Champion of the Emerald Samurai, but his skills are as of yet untested in a true duel.

This has not stopped him from poising as a duelist three times his age, and with all the skill those years would bring. He is brave to the point of near reckless, but as of yet, he has not issued a challenge.

Mirumoto Yoshiaki

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