Mirumoto Satsu

A hero returned to save the Empire


Mirumoto Satsu has a kind smile, and a cleverness seen in his eyes. A long mustache graces his face, and his form is lean and quick.


Once he was to be the Mirumoto daymio, but instead through a series of actions ending up in a fateful duel with Hida Yakamo where he did not draw his blades and instead died. This result shocked many, but some noted that his Champion had drawn the bushi aside for counsel. Many now believe, that Togashi Yakuni had instructed the Dragon to fail in the duel to secure the Day of Thunder.

  • He was risen by the Golden Pearl, a hero chosen to return by Matsu Nobu.
  • He accompanied Hida Yakamo and Hida Tsuru into the Dragon Lands and disappeared with them.
  • He survived the mighty conflict of Jade and Obsidian because of Togashi Shunsen who saved him from Goju. He has been leading a small resistance against the Nothing inside of the Dragon Lands. And aided in its defeat.
  • He has become the Dyamio of the Murimoto.

Mirumoto Satsu

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