Kuni Yori

Dark Elemental Master of Earth


Few such haunting, and frightening men exist within the Empire. Yori has an intense look that unnerves almost all, his voice is something that makes others skin crawl, and his face paint only highlights the depths of evil his outward appearance suggests.


Kuni Yori was thought to have been succeeded by the forces of Jigoku long before the Clan War. He is known as the Betrayer by the Crab. He actions alone may have led to much of the horror that still exists to this day across the Empire. Oftentimes he may not be the one to preform so many great actions, but he instigates these actions and fuels them for others.

He is acting defacto Champion of the Crab, and the Elemental Master of Earth. He makes use of at least two of the Black Scrolls, and saw to the death of The Hooded Ronin, as well as the eruption of the volcano on the Isalnd of Silk.

Kuni Yori

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