Kuni Osako

Elemental Master of Water


A young woman, she is still a slight wisp of girl. She keeps her hair styled in complex style with intricate jewelry, a single fancy of hers she indulged beyond her face paint. She wears simply robes to carry her daisho.


Much like her name sake, she defied the Maw preventing the terror form destroying Toturi’s army, and more recently, he purified the Great Sea Spider. She is a prodigy, her gempuku came before her age would demand it, and although she is of age now, her magical prowess has outstripped almost all within the camp. Although part of the Unbroken Crab, she has remained with Toturi’s Army refining her skills.

After the Summit of Resistance she was placed in charge of the Toturi’s Army of the Crab, until Lord Hida Yakamo returned by Hida O-Ushi. She was also acknowledged to be the Kuni Daimyo, a position left vacant since the fall of Kuni Yori.

She is currently working on a way to purify the Sea of Shadows, allowing easier movement between the Ivory Kingdom and Rokugan. Also, believes if she works with the Moshi, she could make the sea pure with the radiance of Lady Sun. Make it the opposite of the Shadowlands Corruption. On top of the fact that she is also training three students right now, giving Toturi war council, talking with the Phoenix about formally making Elemental Masters again, and including non-Phoenix members so that training of Shugenja could renew on a larger and grander scale. In all things she attempts to bring order and harmony, and rarely seems to think of herself.

She is married to Kuni HIsui.

Kuni Osako

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