Kuni Hisui

Young Powerful Earth Shugenja


Kuni Hisui, the prodigy
Kuni Shugenja.
Insight Rank 4 (Insight 200)
Banked xp 0 (7/06/2015)
Armor: Armor of the Second Duty ( Light Armor)
Armor TN -20

Age 15

Earth 4
Water 3
Air 2
Fire 4
Void 3

School Skills
Calligraphy 1 Int 5k4 (Cipher)
Defense 3 Ref 5k2
Lore:Shadowlands 3 Int 7k4
Lore: Theology 1 Int 5k4
Spellcraft 5 Int 9k4
Polearm 3 Agi 7k4

Other Skills
Investigation 1 Per 4k3
Battle 2 Per 4k3
Meditate 3 Void 6k3
Courtier 3 Awr 5k2
Etiquette 3 Awr 5k2
Medicine 1 Int 5k4
Athletics 3 Str 6k3 (Climbing)
Lore: Crystal 3 Int 7k4
Lore: Lying Darkness 1 Int 5k4


Kuni Ancestor-8
The founder of the Crab shugenja school was a capable shugenja
and a man who knew more about the creatures of the
Shadowlands than any other. Once per session, you may
spend a Void point to gain a bonus to your spell casting roll
equal to your Earth Rank in kept dice. Also, when rolling to
resist gaining the Shadowlands Taint, you may roll twice and
keep the better result.

Demands: Kuni’s demand to his descendents is a simple
one – stay pure. If you ever gain so much as a single point of
the Shadowlands Taint, Kuni will abandon you.

Elemental Blessing-4 – Earth
Sage – 3
Language- Yobanjin (free)
Friendly Kami – Favorable Wind – Free
CHOSEN BY THE ORACLES [SPIRITUAL] – Thunder – 1k0 on any Heroic Action.
Forbidden Knowledge Lying Darkness

Gullible- 4

Dependant-6-Ratling Cub-Chewy
Hisui came across a ratling baby in the grasp of his dead parents and has taken care of it since. Due to the rats tendency to chew on paper he has had to memorize all of his spells or carry multiple copies of each spell.

Spells (13xp spent to memorize them all)

Jade Strike – R1 – page 174
Earth Becomes Sky – Rank 2 – page 175
Earths Protection – Rank 3 – Page 177
Jurojins Balm – Rank 2 – Page 174 (Not Memorized)
Ground Slam – Rank 2 – (Created spell by Kuni Hisui, Son of Kuni Nodai)
The Caster slams his fist into the ground causing a wave in a 10 ft radius knocking everyone prone. Deals 1k1 dmg to everyone other then the caster in the radius.
Raises: 2 raises for +1k1 dmg, 1 raise per 5 ft added to radius
Tomb of Jade R4 Page 178
Amaterasu’s Purity – R5 – Created
Target weapon becomes radiant

Fires of Purity – R1- page 181
Envious Flames – R1 – page 181
Fury of Osano-Wo R1 – Page181

Path to Inner Peace – R1 – page 187
Stand against the Waves – R2 – page 189
Silent Waters – R3 – Page 190

Ring/Mastery: Air 1 (Craft)
Range: School Rank x 10 miles
Area of Effect: One known individual within range
Duration: Special
Raises: Area (1 individual), Range (10 miles

Kuni School:
Technique: Gaze Into Shadow – The Kuni have carefully
studied many of the most sinister opponents
imaginable, and have learned how to combat them.
You gain a bonus of +1k0 to the total of all Spell Casting
Rolls when the target is any non-human creature,
and any spell that inflicts damage inflicts an additional
+1k1 damage when used against a target who
possesses the Shadowlands Taint. You also gain a Free
Raise on any spell with the Jade keyword.


Kuni Hisui is a young man raised during the time of the Dark Emperor. While his father, Kuni Nodai, showed little talent in the way of the kami his son has been seen as a prodigy. He would have come of age under more fanfare would it not have been for the once in a generation talent of Kuni Osako. After his gempukku on the Island of Thunder he has been assigned to the retinue under Matsu Nobu, a group that formally included Kuni Nodai. While Hisui’s talents grow he has been noticed by his superiors and now undertakes a dangerous mission. The search forHida Yakamo begins…

Kuni Hisui

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