Kitsuki Kaagi

Er um... what? Wasn't he dead?!


A young man with dark traditional styled hair, a frown of concentration of his face as his dark eyes drink up all of the details all around him.


The perceptive magistrate has long been with the Army, since its early days. He and Goshiu came to the islands years ago to make diplomatic relations with the Mantis. The Kitsuki is a paranoid man, and his once easy smile is strained, and there are many rumors from the peasants about him and his eta follower. Kaagi brushes off such rumors, saying his assistant has a great imagination.

Bayushi Goshiu thinks that Kaagi should not take such a humble approach and always stand so modestly in the back, especially during this summit. All of the splendor and the power of the Army should be used as a weapon. However, Kaagi feels that standing in the background in unnoticeable attire makes him more effective, apparently

Kaagi was thought have been killed with a bog hag took his skin, at the end of Summit of Resistance. But he was also found in the capital by Matsu Nobu. They did not have long to talk, but he said that he came to after The Lying Darkness lost so much of itself.

He works as an Obsidian Magistrate and helped to hide the sabotage done by the Tiger’s Maw Unit in the capital.

Kitsuki Kaagi

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