Kitsu Okura

Dark Elemental Master of Water


A portly man with, dyed yellow hair. He has a stink about him, and a simpering quality. He dressed in only the finest cloths and walks with a superiority only a Lion could muster.


The Master of Water rose out of near unknown stature, but in the ashes of the Broken Day of Thunder, Okura made a name for himself. He was captivated with blood magic and used his skills to aid the Obsidian Empire to stand fully on it’s feet. Using his skill, and the Lion’s clout, he gained acknowledgement from Kuni Yori, who introduced him for the position of Dark Elemental Master for the Emperor.

Since that time, he aided in the destruction of the Hooded Ronin, and positioning the Lion of the Obsidian Throne into more affluent positions.

In the battle to destroy the Mantis, he has taken it upon himself to sink every ship that attempts to flee the islands.

  • It has been noted that he did summon an Oni and give it his name. The Oni has been seen, and seems to have rebelled against it’s master so much so it was imprisoned under the capital city, until it was released. It currently serves a Unicorn crime lord.
  • Died trying to destroy the Mantis fleet. He was slain by Yoritomo.

Kitsu Okura

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