Her smile is her mask.


A small woman, with a genuine smile that rarely leaves her face. She is beautiful, wearing clothes of fine silk, and favoring the carps and spiders of her new and old clan. Her voice is calming and she has a grace about her.


A skilled courtier, and talented merchant, she used her skills for the Unbroken Crab in negotiating with peasants and merchants alike to keep their blades strong and bellies fed. She is cagey and cunning. Her reputation means a great deal to one who built it from nothing.

All was going well, as she aided the Clans in gathering those for the Summit and she worked as an under study for Bayushi Goshiu. In order to thank Yoritomo “Kenki” Shirahama for killing the would be assassin who moved against Hida O-Ushi, the Unbroken Crab arranged for a marriage, giving one of their greatest resources to seal the deal. The Mantis agreed, and then two days later, broke the engagement so that Kenki could marry someone of extreme low birth, and offered a Spider in his place as husband. Kaneko was devastated and humiliated publicly, but she told her Clan to allow the marriage proposal, many assumed it was to help glide over the insult.

Kenako is now marred to Nishimura of the Spider.

She and her husband have traveled to the Spider lands, hidden in a remote valley of the Sparrow lands. Apparently, she has chosen to leave the islands, and remain with her new family.


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