Isawa Tsuke

Dark Elemental Master of Fire


A burned husk of a man, in fiery red and orange robes, surrounded in a nimbus of green fire.


During the Clan Wars, Tsuke had seen to the opening of many of the Black Scrolls, and they had in return driven him mad. On the Broken Day of Thunder, he slew 100s with his rains of fire, he also slew two of the other Elemental counselors, and his own Champion before he was brought down.

Since his return, he has been a passionately loyal member of Fu Leng’s Court. He headed the hunt to destroy the blood speaker cult loyal to another dark figure, and was in fact slain by Daigotsu, but it would appear that Tsuke has been blessed with immortality much like his Emperor has.

He has slain Isawa Kaede, and vowed to destroy the Oracle of Thunder as well.

Isawa Tsuke

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