Isawa Tanayama

The Necromancer


A sickly looking man with pale eyes, dark robes, and wild white hair and long mustache and beard. He is often found to be surrounded by his undead attendants.


There were tales during the Clan Wars of a ‘necromancer’ during the Clan Wars. The plague victims raising up was thought to be his work. The horrors that the undead swarms caused during that time of turmoil left deep scares in the Empire.

When the dust had cleared after the Broken Day of Thunder, Isawa Tanayama came forward and introduced himself as the Necromancer. He was commended by the throne, and nearly claimed the Dark Elemental Master of Earth, but in the end became a commander in the Obsidian Legion.

Since his rise, he is almost solely responsible for raising every dead and fallen commander and samurai.

Isawa Tanayama

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