Isawa Sezaru

Oracle of Thunder and Elemental Master of Void


Although a young man, his hair has become white, and lightening seems always a breath away as he walks. He wears the reds and oranges of his mother and carries within him a wisdom and cheerfulness, that often sets others in a queasy ease around him as he can see their fate and remarks of it casually.


He has risen from the death of his parents into, into a powerful shugenja, but Thunder seems to have kept this weight form crushing him. He seems to see brightness in the future, if only man has the strength and courage to reach it.

  • He has taught the Mantis a new school, one based around Thunder.
  • He aided his half brother in becoming the leader of the Emerald Armies.
  • He has, for the time being, become the Master of Void, until another can take his place.
  • He is the Oracle of the Thunder Dragon, from before his gempukku.

Isawa Sezaru

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