Ikoma Ujiaki

Right Hand of the Emperor


A man with dark circles under his yellow unhealthy looking skin. A mad glint that can only be found in fanatic’s eyes shines upon the world. He wear’s armor worthy of his rank, and takes great care of it. Where his left hand should be, a large monstrous black crab claw sits. It clicks as he thinks and snaps when he is excited.


Ikoma Ujiaki believes he is an honorable man, and in many ways, his actions show just that. Albeit twisted rationals, twisted by the taint. He is a cunning man, and has always adapted well to the roles that demand him to play.

When the Clan Wars broke out, and it was discovered that Hantei the 39th was in fact Fu Leng, he stood behind his Emperor, claiming that his oath was absolute and many flocked to his side. When Toturi swayed the Lion on the Broken Day of Thunder, Ujiaki followed with doubt. When the Emperor had won the day, he was the first on his knees. And when the Kitsu Daimyo protested his action, he cut her down for her insolence. For his actions he was made the grand general of the Obsidian Legion.

Since that time, he has ruthlessly pursued his Emperor’s ever increasing hunger for war. He oversaw the subjugation of the Yobanjin, the fall of the Fox, and the pressing of Toturi’s Army from the main land. He used each victory to press his Emeror’s will forward.

During a duel with Toturi he lost his left hand, and was about to be slain by the Lion Clan Thunder when Kuni Yori caused and earth quake and later gave him the Crab Claw that he so famously once gave Hida Yakamo.

His latest maneuver is seeing to the destruction of the Islands of Spice and Silk, which he has ruthlessly planned and seen to.

Ikoma Ujiaki

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