Hoturi the Heartless

Scourge of The Crane


A pale white corpse, with long white hair that waves restlessly within a breeze. He wears the same sky blue armor he wore when Fu Leng tore a hole in his chest and crushed his heart. The armor has become stained black with blood in places, however it shows off the hole in his chest very well. An intense hate filled stare is in his eyes.


Once Doji Hoturi, the Thunder and Clan Champion of the Crane, he is now the Obsidian Champion and one of very few surviving Crane Clan members. When not executing the commands of his Emperor, the former Thunder hunts his remaining Clan ruthlessly. He is the sole reason why none but perhaps 3 such members remain who were born as Crane Samurai by blood (himself included). It seems that the goal of the Heartless is to make his Clan perfect, and he sees perfection only within himself.

  • Slain by the Tiger’s Maw Elite and Daidoji Uji who lured him into a trap.

Hoturi the Heartless

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